mobius whole logo

Mobius Strip

a symbol with only one side and boundary. It represents transformation, the desire to move with the constantly changing cycle of life


As represented by the mobius symbol, we too have undergone changes with the times.


XSLT Trading and Consultancy Services started way back in 2014 as “XSLT Trading” – a provincial marketing business handling various products. It includes cellphone and various top up credits, vegetables and even livestock like goats, pigs, etc.

XSLT came from the technology Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation, an XML format document used for transforming XML documents to another format. I commonly use it at work which led me to use it as the name.

The consulting business officially started April 2017, as a prerequisite for the engagement for Workday Support Services.

~ Willie Jan Altarejos / Founder / Manager



To enable organizations to achieve business transformation by helping them make decisions by providing industry best practices and insights, provide technology expertise, and delivering high quality products and solutions.



To provide wide range of services and solutions to more and more clients globally.


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